Octopus Failed Us!

Ok, so now I have your attention I want to share our experience with Octopus Energy. The reason why I’m doing it here and not on Twitter is because I can write more about what happened than I can on Twitter, where it all started.

We live on the Isle of Wight and have done so since April 2021. We moved from Buckinghamshire where everything was easy to organise because we didn’t have a body of water to overcome. Many companies think we are not part of the UK or just won’t deliver here, so we have to organise transport.

On the 3rd August this year we had solar panels installed with a storage battery but to get the full benefit of the energy generated, we needed to set up a smart meter, so we can charge battery at night on a lower rate and use the panels to power the house when possible.

Like everything else, things were taking their time, so I set about contacting our energy supplier Octopus Energy on Twitter, to see what can be done to speed up this process, after all, we were sending energy to the grid for free whilst we stay on variable rates which are higher. As you can see from the conversation, they were very quick to respond. We subsequently found out that there is only one Octopus engineer on the Isle of Wight and he is inundated with installations! That is through no fault of Octopus as I’m sure they are trying to recruit and train more engineers but it doesn’t help those of us who are impatient!

We have now been booked in for the smart meter to be installed this week.

So why did Octopus Energy fail us?

They didn’t in the true sense of the word, whilst they have taken a while to get the meter installed, they are under immense pressure to get things done. They say that it’s not so much the issue that is caused, it is the way it has been dealt with. So on that note, I’d like to say, “Octopus energy, thank you so much for getting this done!”

The following people are who got it done!

Leisa and Hannah on Twitter

Jessica in the office

Tom (Or Thomas to his friends), who rang us to arrange the meter install.

All in all a decent and thoroughly decent team, well done and thank you!