Osborne House Isle Of Wight

Osborne House and it’s estate on the Isle Of Wight was built by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

This “holiday home retreat” allowed them to indulge in their interests and show off their tastes. It was designed and built entirely by them, not literally I’m sure, but shows off their personal tastes, for example the Swiss Cottage which allowed their children to learn about housekeeping, to the magnificent Dunbar Room which is a tribute to the Queens passion for India. Below you can see some lovely pictures of the buiulding and it’s grounds, provided by Lynne Somerville who lives on the Island and enjoys visiting Osborne House and taking pictures!

Key Facts

  • The original property was bought by Queens Victoria and Prince Albert in 1845, which they extended and improved, as a retreat from court life in London and Windsor.
  • The Royal family enjoyed the property so much they spent as much time as possible here, celebrating all the important dates like birthdays.
  • Following Prince Alberts death in 1861, Victoria spent over 50 years here finding comfort following his death. She would entertain visiting kings and queens as well as various heads of state and her own extensive family.
  • Albert took great pleasure in the design and planting of the gardens and his designs remain to this day.