The Isle Of Wight is a very safe place and crime levels are very low. However we take our responsibility to safeguard your property whilst staying with us very seriously.

We have taken every reasonable step to make sure your belongings are protected, the window and door locks are of a standard that makes it extremely difficult for any person to unlawfully enter the property.

Please note we have CCTV externally at the property covering the drive only. CCTV is used at the property purely for the purpose of security. 

We also make guests aware that there is CCTV externally at the property on booking sites. The CCTV camera is in operation when the property is empty. It is not operational during your stay.

CCTV is provided by Nest and all images captured are saved on their server. Please look at Nests privacy policy for more information. Nest automatically deletes footage in line with their policies. 

CCTV is only accessed by the owners and is only operated for is it intended purpose. We do not use or sell any images captured on CCTV to any 3rd parties.

In the event where the CCTV is requested upon by the law or for a lawful purpose or in the event of a dispute the CCTV will be looked at and any images requested or needed will be provided to any third party.